Clonakilty White Pudding Frittata
We have shared a Frittata recipe with you before, but this Clonakilty White Pudding Mushroom recipe is slightly different in cooking style and core ingredients. It still remains a light and easy to prepare lunch or brunch dish.
Chef Tom Kerridge's Ultimate Breakfast Omelette includes Black Pudding - it would not be the ultimate Omelette without it! The recipe can also be easily tweaked adding any of your favourite breakfast ingredients.
Adding some savoury Black Pudding to potato cakes takes them to the next level and makes them even more tasty. Try substituting a duck egg for your standard hen's egg for an even richer tasting dish.
Devilled Black Pudding: We love a bit of spice so couldn't resist sharing this devilish recipe with you. Originally posted on NewcastleEats, a food and drink blog, author Jeff calls this "the best satisfying brunch ever".
An easy to prepare all-in-one dish by cook and writer Nigel Slater. Probably more suited to brunch rather than breakfast, this dish is simple to prepare and you can pop it in the oven and get on with some of your morning chores...or just sit down with the morning paper and a cup of coffee.
Black Pudding Eggs Benedict | Black Pudding with a duck egg for an even richer tasting dish and a rasher or two of smoked bacon never goes amiss.
Another easy to prepare all-in-one dish by cook and writer Nigel Slater. If you like a 'standard' toad-in-the-hole, then adding the rest of your breakfast ingredients can only make the dish even better!!
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