History & Origins of Black Pudding
Tracking back through the ages to find out more about the history and origins of ‘Black Pudding’....
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Health & Diet
‘Is Black Pudding good for your Health’?
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Black Pudding, Boudin Noir, Morcilla, White Pudding...What's the Difference?
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History & Origins of Black Pudding
The origins of Black Pudding are full of interesting historical, religious & cultural references so here are 10 Historical Facts about Black Pudding as an introduction....
Black Pudding: A Bloody Debate | We've recently seen a more specific debate about our favourite food. From what type of blood should your black pudding be made?
Which blood type are you? Stuart Mason of Welsh Mangalitza gives us an insight into the use of fresh blood v dried blood in black pudding
We would like to welcome Jill Gardner, The Fat Controller to explain & introduce to us a diet philosophy whereby you can eat black pudding and lose weight.
Apologies for being late to the Black Pudding Superfood party, we were a little busy sharing with you just what a, ahem, SUPER food Black Pudding is!
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