Eat Black Pudding and Lose Weight

We would like to welcome Jill Gardner, The Fat Controller to explain & introduce to us a diet philosophy whereby you can eat black pudding and lose weight.

Do you want to learn to be a Fat Controller?

We were intrigued by the pairing of a food philosophy questioning ‘Do you want to learn to be a Fat Controller?’ with the writer’s love of Black Pudding, so we would like to welcome Jill Gardner, The Fat Controller to BlackPudding.Club to explain, and introduce to us why, by embracing this philosophy, you can Eat Black Pudding and Lose Weight.

Jill Gardner, The Fat Controller

Jill Gardner Hate it Change it

I make no secret that I am a former serial, yo-yo dieter turned real food advocate.

I am passionate about encouraging the return to the foods we have evolved on for millions of years. For most people, these natural and nourishing whole foods are what we fear most when it comes to weight loss.

I spent years counting calories and eating foods that were neither nourishing nor satisfying. I spent years being hungry, confused and getting fatter!

Modern Diets

It was around 40 years ago when dieting became fashionable that we were led to believe that in order to lose weight we had to eat low fat, low calorie foods.

Like so many, in my many attempts to lose weight I turned my back on delicious and real foods such as butter, whole eggs, avocados, nuts and black pudding!

Instead I existed on low fat sugary cereals, bagels, crackers, low fat meats, yoghurts and diet foods. I was always hungry and I could never keep the weight off. My childhood diet of natural fruits, vegetables and meats, offal and eggs was replaced with beige, man-made processed food-like products.

What Changed?

It was some years later when I experimented with a lower carb diet that I rediscovered food heaven again. Gone was the dry, tasteless beige and in came all my childhood favourites such as liver, bacon, eggs, black pudding, mayonnaise, butter and cream!

It was during this time that I started to learn how food controlled the hormones that regulate fat metabolism such as hunger, energy and how we burn and store fat.  I was struck by how full and satisfied I was feeling and how much longer I was going between meals.

Even better the weight was coming off and it has stayed off!

My meals no longer looked beige. I started to look at other people’s lunches and breakfasts and I was struck by how beige they looked in comparison to my big plates of tasty protein and fats with vegetables and salads.

Pretty soon people were asking me about my food ‘it looks amazing, won’t you get fat?’ they said. I simply replied ‘Not at all, I just don’t eat the beige stuff’

So that was the beginning of my ‘No Beige Diet’.


Beige foods tend to be dry, refined, and processed carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, pastry, crackers and cereals, which are all easy to overeat. It’s ‘overeating’ these foods that cause our fat metabolism to stop working efficiently.

I have written a short ‘no beige’ meal plan to give you an idea of how you can replace beige with foods that you thought were banned on a diet.  My advice to is to take baby steps. Start with a good breakfast and you will find your hunger and cravings are more stabilised throughout the day.

You can adapt the recipes by simply adding more vegetables and salad for example. To encourage weight loss even further, limit the natural starches in the recipes such as potato, rice and Quinoa to a few bites.

Breakfast Option
Ultimate Breakfast Omelette
Lunch Option
Bury Black Pudding Superfood Salad
Dinner Option
Poussin with Black Pudding & Braised Baby Vegetables
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Menu Options

Breakfast: Ultimate Breakfast Omelette or Coconut Pancakes and Berry Compote

Lunch: Bury Black Pudding Superfood Salad or Home Made Soup and Ugg Bread

Dinner: Poussin with Black Pudding and Braised Baby Vegetables or Chicken and Broccoli Pie

Dessert: Fresh berries with full-fat cream of Greek Yoghurt

Snack: 2 squares of Dark Chocolate and a small handful of Plain Almonds

Let us know how you get on and don’t forget to look for more ideas on the website!

Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller

P.S. I run an online community where we exchange ideas and recipes on how to replace beige foods with real foods for health and weight loss.

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