Introducing the BlackPudding.Club Business Directory

Introducing the BlackPudding.Club Business Directory

In keeping with our promise to show you where to buy some of the best black pudding, we are launching the BlackPudding.Club Business Directory.


Introducing the BlackPudding.Club Business Directory

BlackPudding.Club Business Directory

In keeping with our promise to show you where to buy some of the best black pudding, we are launching the BlackPudding.Club Business Directory. Our aim is to provide you with the only guide you will ever need when it comes to sourcing Black Pudding! And, being a directory, its purpose is two-fold. It gives the producers, suppliers and dining establishments the opportunity to tell you why their black pudding is the best!

We're opening the Directory with over 350 listings, with nearly all of them having a direct link to our favourite food. One of the main features is that there are close to 100 producers listed (at the time of writing), from the brands you may know well to the local farmer who you probably won't?! OK, there are a few who do not make their own but they will have puddings in store alongside their own range of fresh free range meats or hand made charcuterie.

When compiling the initial listings there were quite a few producers we came across that grabbed our attention. So keep a look out as we will be approaching a couple of them for a chat so we can find out more a little more information for you! [and if you have any specific questions you would like us to ask a producer, please let us know]

Business Categories

We have essentially organised the directory into the following 5 business categories [types]:




Butcher Shop
Farm Shops
Market Stalls
Online Shops
Food Retailer
Wines & Spirits

Dining Out

Bars & Pubs
Cafes & Diners
Fish & Chip Shops
Take Aways


Bed & Breakfast


Clubs & Societies
Magazines & Blogs

Listing Information

Any listing included in the BlackPudding.Club Business Directory will include the following basic information: Name, Type, Location, Contact Phone Number and a brief Summary about the listing business. Listing owners have the opportunity to share more information about their business via their website and social media links, a more detailed description and product gallery. You will also be able to contact some of them directly via email.

Listing Example - Annascaul Black Pudding
Standard Listing Example [Excerpt] - Annascaul Black Pudding

You will also be able to provide feedback on some of the listings by adding your own review and rating of their business product(s) or service(s).

As an added bonus to members we will be publishing a list of ALL the latest offers and promotions being made available by the listed businesses (not just the featured listings).




Get Involved

As we mentioned earlier, the BlackPudding.Club Business Directory has two purposes and given your support it can only get bigger and better. There are a number of ways you can help:

Directory Users

  • Rate and Review the listings. Let your fellow Club members know your recommendations for sources of black pudding.
  • Send us the name of a business you believe should be included; local artisan producer, your favourite restaurant (where you've had black pudding of course) or a B&B you have stayed in.
  • Join our Members Group on Facebook and interact directly with Club and Directory Members.

Directory Members (Advertisers)

  • Claim your listing and make it your own. Tell us more about your business and your fantastic produce.
  • Showcase your products and share your latest offers and promotions.
  • Join our Members Group on Facebook and get feedback directly from Club Members.

Claim or Create a Listing

If you own or manage a relevant business you can find out more about adding a listing via the Directory Membership page. It's a great opportunity to promote your product or service to an audience who are actively seeking more information about black pudding and its associated products.

Google Maps
Current Listings Map

Once you have claimed your listing you are free to update the content whenever you wish therefore keeping directory users fully up to date with your latest news or events.

As you can see from the map we've got most of the country (UK & Ireland) covered in our initial listings but we also know there are so many more sources out there.

Note: If you follow us on Twitter or are currently a Club member (& business owner), it is highly likely that your listing has already been created, so have a quick look and make sure you claim it!

Keep in Touch

That's just a quick introduction to the BlackPudding.Club Business Directory. We'll follow this up with a few more details over the next couple of weeks.

If you are interested in keeping up with our progress on the Black Pudding.Club Directory, you can join the club, follow us via social media or subscribe to be notified of our latest news.


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