How can BlackPudding.Club help you to Promote Black Pudding?

How can BlackPudding.Club help you to Promote Black Pudding?

BlackPudding.Club Directory is a user guide to source black pudding and a [listing] member platform to promote black pudding. So, how can we help you?

Promote Black Pudding | Business Directory

How can BlackPudding.Club help you to Promote Black Pudding?

BlackPudding.Club Business Directory

Our primary aim at BlackPudding.Club is to share a love of food, specifically Black Pudding (no surprise there!). One of the methods by which we have chosen to do this is through the introduction of our Business Directory. Its purpose is two-fold, a user guide to source black pudding and a [listing] member platform to promote black pudding - simply matching demand and supply. A tag-line we've used for the Directory, 'Make it, Sell it, Serve it, Eat it', sums it up really well. As far as black pudding is concerned, if you belong to any of those groups then we believe that the Directory will be of great value to you.

  • Make it - as a producer, share with supplier(s) or consumer(s) why your product(s) stand out from the crowd?
  • Sell it - as a supplier , share with the consumer where, when and how they can source your product(s) and why?
  • Serve it - in food service, share with the consumer details about your menu, your specials and your standard of service!
  • Eat it - as a consumer, you will benefit from the guidance of others (feedback) and have access to many more sourcing options to make your ideal choice!

The one thing we all have in common is the wonderful black pudding. So, it is now time to mingle and get to know each other!

Why do we Promote Black Pudding?

We are often asked 'Why did you choose to promote black pudding?' Well, aside from the fact it is a favourite food, we realised that there was not a great amount of quality information about the product online! If you have the time and inclination to dig a little deeper there is so much more to it which is often goes unnoticed. So, for the benefit of like-minded souls, we decided it deserved a forum to bring all this information together.

Taste, whilst subjective, will vary as a result of the quality, source and composition of the core ingredients, the resulting texture or its use on a plate of food. 'Black Pudding' is the general product name but, to coin a phrase, 'All black puddings are equal but some black puddings are more equal than others'. So, sharing more information offers a wider audience the opportunity to experience the subtleties of difference in taste.

For the fervent nonconsumer, the objection often raised is about the use of blood as an ingredient. There is however, a lack of reference to the source, provenance or the 'farm-to-fork' and 'nose-to-tail' principles proudly followed within the associated communities. So, whilst the objections will always remain, there is an opportunity to share the positive aspects of its use.

In creating the Club we wanted to promote black pudding, to share with the consumer why it can be considered such a wonderful food product. More recently in adding the Club Directory, we wanted to give Producers, Suppliers and Chefs (Restaurants) a platform to expand on that. After all, it is they (i.e. you) that have the knowledge to justify why it is so great! And, the consumer will get to enjoy the result of your efforts!


Directory Basics – Keeping it Simple

The basic element in the Directory is the Business Listing. This comes in two forms;

  1. Summary Listing - basic business information included in the search pages
  2. Detailed Listing - a single page for marketing your business

It is FREE for any business to create a listing. This initial listing consists of your business name & address, category and a short description. Each listing is assigned to a business category reflecting its primary focus. This is simply another opportunity to create awareness by putting your name out there to those looking for sources of black pudding.

Directory Premium

We offer a number of paid plans that allow you to include more detail about your business and provide means to interact with potential customers. The main reason the enhanced listings are premium is that we will work with you to promote your listing (and business).

We have a member network wanting to know more about black pudding, so it's an ideal opportunity to share information about your product or service with them. Black pudding is often referred to in general terms, with a couple of notable regional exceptions. The aim therefore is to create a little more brand and product awareness to highlight and showcase its variety and versatility.

How do we plan to help our Directory Members promote black pudding?

There are a number of ways in which we can help and if the Standard and Premium Plans do not meet your requirements we can create a bespoke option based around your specific marketing plan.

  1. Enhanced Business Listing
  2. Promotion via the Website
  3. Promotion through our Social Media Network
  4. Newsletter
  5. Linking or selling products through our Club Shop
  6. Own brand merchandise

1. Enhanced Business Listing

Once you have claimed or created your listing, the content is under your control albeit within a set format. However, the higher the level of listing, the greater the quality content you can include. If you have a specific request, for example, styling to match your branding, we will help you achieve this. If you require an additional section to further highlight an aspect of your business, we will create it for you. Aside from sharing information, the purpose of a listing is attract consumers to your business [website].

A Premium Plan includes a Featured Listing i.e. it will always appear toward the top of any listing search results. We will also offer you the opportunity to add additional [relevant] categories to your listing. This will increase the number of search results in which your listing is returned.

Also included with a Featured Listing are the following:

  • Use of Tags - for search results
  • More Images - for showcasing your product
  • Customer Reviews - for feedback
  • Contact Form - for customers to contact you directly
  • Latest Offers - for keeping [potential] customers up-to-date with your latest promotions

2. Promotion via the Website

As an example, we have already posted a number of successful 'Meet the Producer' features on the site. It offers a great format to share information about your business and we can link directly to the key pages on your site. The plan is to adapt this format to Suppliers, Restaurant owners, Chefs etc.. Our last feature had a reach of over 16,000 when shared on social media with over 300 page views on the website*.

We also plan to share shorter posts with news of latest developments and product offers / promotions.

There are a number of areas on the site network where we can place banner advertisements or promotional text to link through to your website homepage, store or social media page(s). These can be employed short or long term depending upon your required goal.

* Average users (monthly) has increased from 600 to 1600 (Apr17 to Sep17) - On target for 2000 in Oct17.

3. Promotion through our Social Media Network

Since we began BlackPudding.Club we have been active on social media. We have shared posts across the board on all aspects of black pudding; the businesses, the people, awards / achievements and, of course, examples of its versatility in dishes. We will continue to do this through our growing network**:

**Figures as at 14th October

Our growth to-date has been purely organic and our plan is to increase the rate of growth with a little help from the advertising tools available to us on each platform. As well as Club based promotions, this also means we can run targeted campaigns for listing categories or individual businesses.

4. Newsletter

...coming soon

This is an opportunity to let members know about the latest news, offers and events.

5. Promoting or selling products through our Club Shop

At the end of September we added a shop to the Club site network. The store currently features merchandise promoting the club and black pudding. However, we are developing options to both promote and / or sell product for a listing, the latter generally for exclusive arrangements. Applies to Premium and Bespoke Plan only.

6. Own brand merchandise

If you have not considered branded merchandise as a marketing opportunity to date, then we can help. We can provide products with your logo, brand slogan or for a specific event. Merchandise includes clothing (T-Shirts, Hoodies etc.), mugs, aprons, phone cases and tote bags. Please ask for more details.

Help us to help you to promote black pudding ……

Our objective is clear, to 'share the passion' for black pudding. We will continue to do that. However, with the continued support of each other through both social media and now the Directory, we can take the opportunity to show just how great and versatile 'black pudding' can be!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss options to promote black pudding as a feature item of your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to working with you! #sharethepassion #itsnotjustforbreakfast

Note: If you are a business following us on Twitter please check the listings before registering. We may have set one up for you already!


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