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Business Directory Membership


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BlackPudding.Club Business Directory Membership

Welcome to the BlackPudding.Club Business Directory Membership guide. Whether browsing or advertising, the primary aim of the directory is to guide users toward the many sources of black pudding available in the market place. And by market place, we mean anywhere you can buy or consume it. Listings are (& can be) included for businesses producing, selling and providing any substitute or complementary products, as a general example, charcuterie.

The directory is basically organised in 5 sections:

  1. Producers
    • Farmers, Butchers, Artisans and the well-known brands are all included; the pudding makers!
  2. Suppliers
    • Any outlet, from the local farm shop to the supermarket chains, from which you can buy your puddings.
  3. Dining Out
    • Restaurants, Gastro Pubs, Cafes or your local chippy, anywhere from which you can enjoy your pudding without having to cook it yourself.
  4. Travel
    • Hotels and Bed & Breakfast serving up fine dining or a full breakfast with black pudding on the menu.
  5. Media
    • A useful list of organisations, food directories and active food bloggers whose content complements the aim of the Club Directory

Placing a listing or advertising in the directory also gives you access to the BlackPudding.Club network of members, subscribers and social media followers. From as little as £2.50 per month, it’s a great opportunity to promote your product or service to an audience who are actively seeking more information about our favourite food.

There are a number of membership plans available allowing for an increased level of exposure across the club network. And if you would like to work with us in creating a bespoke marketing initiative then let us know.

Business Directory Listing Plans

It is FREE to create a Basic Listing in the Directory. The Basic Listing includes your name, location, category, a brief description of your business and a link to your website. If you would like to enhance your listing, the following options are available. [Example Listings]

The Directory was launched with over 350 listings and includes many, if not all, of the leading businesses associated with black pudding. If you think you may be on that list (we’ve also included some of our sector related Twitter followers) you can claim the listing we’ve already created for you. You can check here first.

Note: You need to register as a member in order to create a listing.


Option 1
  • Excerpt Listing in Directory
  • Summary Description of Business
  • Link to your Website

Plan includes all your basic business information


Option 2
Per Annum
  • Full Page Listing in Directory
  • Up to 5 Images
  • Quarterly Promotion on Social Media
  • Offers included on Newsletter

Plan includes Marketing Support - Promote your business directly through the club network


Option 3
Per Annum
  • Full Page Listing in Directory
  • Up to 10 Images
  • Monthly Promotion on Social Media
  • Banner included on Website
  • Featured Listing

Plan includes 'Featured Listing' ensuring you are always one of the first in searched listings


Option 4
£90 *
Per Annum
  • Tailored Page Listing in Directory
  • Up to 15 Images
  • Targeted Promotion on Social Media
  • Featured Article included on Website
  • Featured Listing
  • Sell your products via the Club Shop

A 'Bespoke' Plan offering you the opportunity to promote your business across the entire club network

Packages are available on an annual basis. Upon renewal you can upgrade (or downgrade) your package.

  • Basic : FREE (for 30 days after which you may renew or upgrade your listing)
  • Standard: £30 per annum
  • Premium: £60 per annum
  • Premium Plus: £90+ per annum
Note: Premium options are Featured Listings and are therefore always listed at the top of category or search results.

* Premium Plus Packages:

  1. Premium Plus III – includes up to 3 products listed in the Club Shop [£90 per annum]
  2. Premium Plus V – includes up to 5 products listed in the Club Shop [£100 per annum]
  3. Premium Plus X – includes up to 10 products listed in the Club Shop [£120 per annum]

Link directly to your store products – [No further fees, sales commission or otherwise, are payable on Product Listings]

Note: Additional fees may be payable if you require further customisation of a bespoke package – please contact us for more details

Banner Advertisements

Standalone Feature for 2020 / 2021

Place your own Banner...

Choose a page or pages to share your own business promotional banner. Your media image can be placed in the header, footer or in-page and linked back to your website.

  • 250x250px
  • 728x90px Leaderboard
  • 160x600px Skyscraper

Also available is a full width placement in the header of the site.

Prices start from £5 per month – variable depending upon the traffic volumes; our recipe section receives over 6000 page views per month. Please contact us for further information.

Listing Detail

There are basically 4 listing options, progressing from a Free option to the Premium + options, each offering a greater opportunity to let potential customers learn more about your business.

Business Name
Business Logo1
Short Description2
Business Type3
Business Tags4
Long Description5
Postal Code
Full Address
Business Phone No.
Business Fax No.
Google Maps6
List Accounts7a
Image Portfolio8
No ImagesUp to 5 ImagesUp to 10 ImagesUp to 15 Images
Contact Form10
List Latest Offers11
Products via Club Shop12


Add your logo to the listing. Images should be 150px x 150px (jpg or png)

A brief overview of your business in a sentence or two.

  • Free – 140 characters
  • Basic – 300 characters
  • Standard – 200 characters
  • Premium – 300 characters

What type of business best describes you? Choose from our pre-defined list of business categories. Premium Listings will be given the option to choose additional categories.

Tag your business with the keywords that describe it best and show up in more of the search results requested by directory users.

Use the content editor to highlight the key elements of your business.

  • Standard – 1000 characters
  • Premium – 2500 characters
  • Premium Plus – Unlimited

Google Maps is added to your listing offering users directions to your place of business (includes ‘Street View’)

BlackPudding.Club is active on the following social media:

Facebook [Page & Private Members Group] | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Google+ Pages | Tumblr

Each new listing will be promoted via each network. ALL new members are invited to join the BlackPudding.Club Group and are welcome to post promotional content (within the Group rules).

7a. Listings may include links to the following social media:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Create your own photo gallery showcasing your product…a picture paints a thousand words (as the saying goes!)

  • Standard – Up to 5 images
  • Premium – Up to 10 images
  • Premium Plus – Up to 15 images

Allow directory users to rate and review your product(s) or business. A great opportunity to get further feedback from your [hopefully] happy customers.

We do not display your email address on our listings. Premium plan subscribers can receive messages direct from club members.

Keep Directory users up to date with your latest offers and promotions (with a call-to-action included)

Directory Members have the opportunity to offer their products or services via the BlackPudding.Club Shop. The Premium Plus plan includes up to 3, 5 or 10 products as part of the package.

If you would like to offer any of your products in the Shop for a shorter period please contact us for a quote. [A fixed fee is payable on a monthly basis to promote your product. No commission fees are payable irrespective of the volume of traffic directed to your site or whether subsequent purchases are made – fees quoted on application]


Further Information

If you require any further information or would like to make an enquiry into our bespoke package please get in touch via the contact page or by email.

Join us in our passion for Black Pudding

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