About BlackPudding.Club

About BlackPudding.Club

BlackPudding.Club is essentially a social platform for sharing a passion for the food that is Black Pudding.

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About BlackPudding.Club

What is BlackPudding.Club?

BlackPudding.Club is essentially a social platform for sharing a passion for the food that is Black Pudding. An article published in The Guardian in 2014 titled "Is Black Pudding a ‘must-eat’ British food?" opened with the line

"It is the Marmite of the meat counter – dark, salty and you either love it or hate it."

It is a statement which, over the years of having numerous conversations with friends about the subject, holds as true. Reading through the comments on related articles and on social media, we found there is no 'grey' area when it comes to Black Pudding. There is the 'love it' side singing the praises of a delicious, appertising and nutritional food source and there is the 'hate it' side condemning you for just contemplating the idea of it, let alone eating it! It should come as no surprise that BlackPudding.Club are on the 'love it' side.

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We are currently based in France, home of 'Boudin Noir', the French Black Pudding. Whilst it is very tasty, and the French will tell you it's the best in the world, it is not quite the same as we've been used to and been enjoying since our Manchester childhoods! Maybe this is just a personal preference? Prompted to read up on the subject of 'Black Pudding', we found there was little by way of a definitive 'Everything you need to know about Black Pudding'.


The general aim of BlackPudding.Club is, therefore, to provide and share as much relevant information, in one place, as we think necessary for those with a similar passion to enjoy and make the most of the wonderful Black Pudding, Boudin Noir or any other equivalent Blood Sausage.

If you, however, fall on the 'hate it' side then either (i) BlackPudding.Club is probably not for you but thank you for visiting or (ii) stick around, have a read (with an open mind) and perhaps you'll be persuaded to try it again...or perhaps find a more appealing substitute!

What is BlackPudding.Club planning to do for you?

  1. Recipes: Our primary goal is to provide a single source for all the Black Pudding inspired recipes you are ever likely to need. No more searching around the internet for that ideal recipe, we'll have it here! There is more to Black Pudding than just being served as part of a full breakfast!
  2. Products: It shouldn't come as a surprise to you to know that not all Black Pudding is the same. We want to share with you how they differ in terms of ingredients and process (and tradition) and give you an insight into similar blood sausages made elsewhere around the world. Did you know you can now buy Vegetarian Puddings & Gluten Free Puddings?
  3. Buying Options*: Most of the known brands are available in your local supermarket but there are a number of options available to buy your Black Pudding.  We want to offer you a guide to as many of the UK Producers and Suppliers of Black Pudding we can, so if you want to try something different we'll point you in the right direction.
  4. Dining Out*: We want to showcase some of the more innovative Black Pudding restaurant dishes created by today's most talented chefs and offer a guide as to where to find the best traditional Black Pudding meals.
  5. Health: We will look further into the health benefits (or not) of Black Pudding. We are not Nutritionists and do not intend to give you advice relating to your diet, but we want to try and make sense of the pros and cons of eating Black Pudding as a healthy food option.
  6. Tell you a Story: We will look into the history and origins of Black Pudding and discover why it has been such an integral part of our culture and diet for so many years and how it has evolved into the product we consume today.

*In September 2017 we launched the BlackPudding.Club Directory. Our aim is to provide you with all the listings you require for sourcing black pudding, that is anywhere they 'Make it, Sell it, Serve it'.

What can you do for BlackPudding.Club?

Simple really, get involved! The .Club is about sharing a passion for Black Pudding so that is what we want to encourage and it is here we need your help and support. Club Membership is FREE for those wanting to join and support us in the growth of BlackPudding.Club and it's social media platforms.

  • try the recipes we have on the site, rate and review them
  • share your own successful [& not so successful] recipes and cooking stories on our social media - any published on the site will be fully credited to you
  • tell us which is your favourite Black Pudding brand or (alternative) product and why?
  • add reviews on restaurants, pubs, diners and even the local chippy if they serve up a Black Pudding dish worth letting everyone know about

BlackPudding.Club will be a greater success with your help so please get involved or get in touch if you'd like to contribute any content.

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You can find the BlackPudding.Club Community Board on Pinterest to share your own pins of Black Pudding recipes, homemade creations, restaurant dishes or this mornings breakfast!

To be invited to this board:

  1. Follow BlackPudding.Club on Pinterest (not just the Community board)
  2. Email [email protected] from the account that is connected with your Pinterest account
  3. Include COMMUNITY BOARD INVITE in the email subject line
  4. Invites will be sent asap but please appreciate they cannot always be sent immediately

You can find the BlackPudding.Club Members Group on Facebook to share your own posts or join in the discussion on Black Pudding.

Just as a final note, the 'Rules of BlackPudding.Club' above are a little tongue-in-cheek! Have you picked up on the film reference? And about the 'pudding throwing'...see fact 10.


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